House History Research. We are house dectives who will research the history of your house.

Complementing your family history research

Poyle Cottage

Many of the sources that are used to research the history of houses and families are not available via the Internet. Tithe maps, manor court rolls, property deeds and local taxation records are all vitally important in tracing both the history of houses and the people who lived in them but many are not available to researchers who are unable visit the local record offices and museums.

Even those records that are able to be accessed online, such as census records, can, in conjunction with old maps and local knowledge, be used to locate the houses of your ancestors.

Philip has an extensive knowledge of the southwest part of Surrey, where he has lived all his life, and where he has been researching local history for over forty years. His knowledge can be used to complement your research, providing photographs of houses and their locality, together with vital information about the history of the area and the way of live of past inhabitants.

We also occasionally act as a tour guides to researchers who are visiting the area and wish to make the best use of their limited time here.

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